With the latest advancements in the world of orthodontics, achieving a straight smile is no longer the challenge it used to be. You don't have to deal with metal braces interfering with your smile. At North Mountain Dentistry, we offer a hassle-free alternative to give you the smile you've always desired: Invisalign Invisible braces.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign by Align Technology is a clear aligner system that straightens your teeth with practically undetectable custom trays, unlike traditional metal braces with brackets and wires. Your clear aligners will place pressure on your teeth, shifting them into the correct position to give you an attractive, well-aligned smile! Invisalign is a corrective dental treatment suitable for adults and teens looking for a discreet and convenient orthodontic solution.

To get the most out of your Invisalign treatment, wearing your invisible braces for 20-22 hours a day is vital. Once your treatment is complete, you'll need to wear a retainer to help you maintain your beautiful new smile.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

A significant advantage of Invisalign braces is the duration it takes to achieve results. Invisalign allows you to get the smile you desire in up to half the time traditional braces require. By combining SmartForce features and SmartTrack material, Invisalign can efficiently and effectively treat mild to complex orthodontic cases.

Another advantage of Invisalign treatment is that you don't experience the bulky metal feeling of traditional braces and their sharp wires, which may scratch the inside of your mouth. Invisalign aligners have a smooth surface which makes them a more comfortable alternative. You can take them out whenever you need to eat or properly clean your teeth, then put them back in.

Are You a Candidate for Invisalign?

Invisalign helps to correct many orthodontic issues as well as bite-related concerns. Whether you have an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or open bite, Invisalign offers an excellent solution. Equipped with the latest orthodontic advancements, Invisalign is becoming the go-to treatment option for straighter teeth and beautiful smiles.

What Is the Invisalign Procedure?

The first step is evaluating your teeth to determine the most appropriate dental treatment for your unique case. After the evaluation, we use a digital scanner which allows us to take accurate images used in creating your treatment plan. It also gives us an idea of how long the treatment duration will last.

You will be able to pick up your clear aligners from our office as soon as they are ready, and we will provide you with instructions on what to do throughout your treatment period. We will also schedule regular appointments to keep track of the progress you're making.

Invisalign Near Me

If you want to learn more about straightening your smile with Invisalign, our staff at North Mountain Dentistry would be happy to answer your questions. Want to elevate your smile? We invite you to call our Glendale office or visit our website to schedule an appointment today!